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Nail that Audition

Preparing for an audition can be an intimidating experience for a new or even experienced instructor. Your potential job depends on how you perform during your audition and in some cases; you get as little as 10 minutes to make that impression. Here are some tips of what you can do to ensure your audition is successful. Whenever you get the opportunity to audition for a potential slot on the Spinning class schedule, you should ask if you can attend several classes to get the feel for the type of instructors that are already on staff and their style of presenting a class. You begin to get a feel for the type of student you will be coaching as well as the types of classes they may expect from you. This doesn?t mean that you have to coach your classes like the other instructors, but you can better understand the types of expectations your potential students will have from you. Watch the instructor to determine if they follow the Spinning program or incorporate contraindicated movements into their profiles. If contraindications are a normal part of the instructors you observe, then chances are the studio may not be the best place for you. Listen to the type of music that is being played. If it is all top 40 or all one genre of music, you will need to determine if the students appreciate a well rounded playlist? Your next step is to find out what the hiring manager expects from your audition. Some directors will be specific as to what they want to see while others will just tell you to do your own thing. Find out how long your audition is. Sometimes they give you an entire class to audition, other times they will give you a limited amount of time to make that first impression. Now it is time to plan your audition. The content of your audition should match what the director would like you to incorporate so your choices may be limited. Find music that works with your profile. Remember the director is looking for your coaching style in addition to the movements and music you have selected. If you are given an open slate for your audition, the best thing to do is keep it simple. I would suggest your profile uses the five core movements. Your music should be motivating and compliment your profile. Consider using more instrumental songs to allow your coaching to be heard and not get lost in the lyrics. Discuss the proper alignment and attachment points to the bike. Don?t forget to mention the proper hand positions and cadence parameters for each movement. Practice your profile on your own, including the cues you want to give during your audition. Know your profile as well as bring your cheat sheet with you. The more comfortable you are with your profile, the easier it will be to deliver an outstanding audition. At your audition, dress like you are a cylcing instructor. Look the part!!! Dress for success, not like you're going to wash your car. Directors want to see you carry yourself in a professional manner and clothing is the first impression the director is going to see. An audition can be intimidating, but if you are prepared and know your audience (students and directors), you will have no problem. And remember, SMILE!!! blog for by Ralph Mlady 4/17/2011



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