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New Year's Day

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? Are you cynical about them?

If you have any, what are you going to do to make them

Here is something that works for me, whether it is on
January 1st or any random day of the year:


  1. Listen carefully to what your gut instincts say
    about the goal/thing you want to set
    out for. Deep down you already know whether it is truly something you have a
    great motivation for or not. Don’t commit to something your gut already tells
    you it is not strong enough a motivation.
  2. Decide to start today, no matter how small the
    action towards it.
  3. Share it with at least one person you love,  so you have someone you trust to give you
    support when you need it, as well as remind you of your taken commitment when
    you have moments of lowered motivation.


Coming back to New Year’s Day:

I hope all of us have regular moments of reflection or
introspection. Just to check if we are still on the road we set out for, the plan we had in mind. New Year is just as
good a day as any for that. Life sometimes takes you in strange directions and throws challenges at you you might not even have wanted.

Personally i am not much of a New year’s resolution man, but each year i DO decide to take a moment of meditation on January 1st to feel whether or not i am in harmony with the road i am walking. Each medidation offers me insights in what i could do ‘differently’, or where to ‘walk or head’ next.

Riding the Spinner® bike freely  offers such good meditation. So i will get on
the Spinner® bike at home and cruise on a cool flat road, recover from the late hours last night…. I am confident that rest, recovery, mental quiet and some clarity of mind will come to me…

Hope you know the feeling. See you soon on the road! p




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