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No more scripted spontaneity!

Yesterday evening I taught with my friend Portia, and we had such a fantastic time. This is one of our fitness classes (MMA inspired) and it?s one of the newer programs I have gotten involved in?so teaching is often a ?performance? per se, and admittedly it?s a bit nerve wracking. Having a friend up there teaching with you certainly eases the feeling of nervousness (especially since there is so much choreography and coaching involved), but when it?s someone you really get along with it makes a whole world of difference because the banter that you engage in is dynamic and spontaneous. Usually, I have to script some of the ?spontaneous? things I want to say since I have to make sure I say it at the right time so I don?t forget what to cue for?but teaching with Portia I didn?t have to worry about when I was going to say something because I?d just check in with her, point out her excellent form to the class?and basically, go on the cuff. It helps that we are friends and that the flow is smooth, and that both of us genuinely love teaching this class. We also found that although we had a grand old time teaching together, we sweated more profusely than we usually do?feeding off one another?s energy we were able to amp up the workout and push ourselves (and our students) much harder. It was so much fun?and tonight, she?s the lead instructor for the class?and I am counting down the minutes until 6:30pm! Rock it fierce and sexy, Portia! -June



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