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No names? Not even if it's positive reinforcement?

At dinner last night, a fellow instructor and I were talking about the merits of calling people out in class?regardless of whether it?s negative or positive comments. She and I have both been reading various blogs and forums on this, and I had told her I had also blogged on this before because I want people to have good form as a means of ensuring their safety. However, in some of the forums she went to, there were instructors who would say you should never call anyone out by name, even if the case of good praise. So, you wouldn?t say to someone in your Spinning class, ?Shawn, you look great! Those jumps are really smooth in transition!? but rather, just compliment the class as a whole. I found this quite interesting, as I would have always thought positive, individualized praise would be a great motivator and serve to create a more ?intimate? connection between student and instructor since it means the instructor is paying attention to the class, and they took the time to recall the student?s name. Thus, this is interesting to me because the only flip side to this?the reason why you might caution instructors not to do this?is that you alienate those who you don?t ever praise publicly (and by name). I cannot really see another reason why an instructor wouldn?t use this tactic but I am curious to hear people?s thoughts on this?-June



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