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Now I get conferences....took me a while?

I made it through my training this weekend! Three and a half classes in a day, with other instructors all around me?so you know I had to go hard. When you?re working out with instructors who are fit, you?re gonna have to bring that ?A? game no matter what, right? Talk about fun and intensity. Getting a whole bunch of instructors who share the same passion?and enough passion to willingly attend further education events (though it?s not mandatory) really changed my understanding of what conferences for the fitness field can be like. Seeing those around you who share so much enthusiasm?and realizing it?s not just your facility that has passionate instructors?really made me appreciate the camaraderie in an industry where people choose to work with others, and help to make a difference in their lives. It?s not just about an instructors? ego?these are people who take pride and joy in the successes of the clients. I need more people like this in my life! Anyhow, taking the classes I found that while I was challenged all the time, the fervor around me pushed me to go harder, keep up, and just have FUN. I think I now understand all the excitement around WSSC and can?t wait to start saving up my money so I can plan for it next year! -June



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