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NUMBERS, numbers, #s and more NUMBERS

We have plenty of numbers in the Spinning® training program. This becomes especially evident when we introduce someone new to a Spinning® class. We have 3 hand positions, 5 core movements, 60-80 rpms for climbing, 80-110 rpms for all else, heart rate training zone numbers and percentages, rpe numbers, anaerobic threshold number, and so on. It is our challenge to take these numbers out of the realm of pure academics and make them come alive as sustaining, supportive parameters within which to train. I recently read the following: ?Number is an extension of tactility. Number directs the imagination towards an apprehension of totality. The very act of numbering develops a realization of context or order.? (Reversed Thunder by Eugene Peterson) Applying these concepts to the often confusing and overabundant numbers in the Spinning® program is reassuring. By having specific numbers identified as imperative and then by having zones or a range of numbers designated in which to train is immensely helpful and satisfying. Given parameters within which to work, each one of us can avoid the subjective and go directly to the specific, functional and effective. Our goals are established and our success easily recognized when we have done so. Rather than being restrictive, our numbers demonstrate opportunities for growth. Rather than being an exercise in the intellectual, our numbers help us create well-designed and deliberate exercise for the muscles, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Our numbers are sometimes fixed and sometimes organic. Numbers provide structure or, as Peterson said, ?realization of context or order.? Let us use our numbers with confidence and share them with understanding. Blog posted by Linda Freeman for, 2-28-2011



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