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C'mon, give back already. The SPINNING Nation program is way cool. It serves people. What else are we put on earth to do? Being of service to people in need is so right. Combine that with being able to pedal and sounds like candy to me. I helped out Mad Dogg last year and did the ride with Jennie and a few Mad Dogg staffers. It was just plain fun. If you run a facility or manage in some capacity, you need to do special events. But I believe in doing special events that actually have a purpose. If the purpose is to raise dollars and help a cause like SPINNING Nation is doing, then it's seamless! It's a swift business move too! You will end up attracting more people and expose people to your program. It can also set you apart from the compeition (or set you apart in a bad way if they are doing it and you are not). But go full tilt. Get the support material that is offered. Change your decor. Make a big deal out of it. It's not just about the day of, its about the days leading up to the event. It creates a stir. It makes people want to ride more! Yep, builds your brand. Get it? Oh, and what's it cost you? Time. With a high return on investment. And most of all, you will be blessed with the fact that you are helping those who need support. Now I know most of the time I am kind of the Oakland Raider of bloggers (edgy, hit hard, fierce). But when it comes to raising dollars for a cause that is near to me, I say attack it. SPINNING Nation might just be that first timer for you...



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