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One Long Split

My last workshop at WSSC this year is on Sunday, 6/5, at 12:00pm. It?s called One Long Split and my goal is to take the concept of splitting symbols to an extreme. I?m sure many of you have naturally progressed toward designing and leading split-symbol class designs in your classrooms so I?m counting on your extensive knowledge and skills as I finalize the details for this workshop. My goal is to begin with a simple split format that will allow us to warm-up and work with easy transitions between two basic flat road symbols. As the class moves forward, my goal will be to continue adding symbols to our original two-symbol only format. Along the way, it will be fun to sprinkle in some Phase 2 concepts like resistance loading and cadence building. I?m sure we?ll find the time to include some student participation activities also. How many symbols can we add over the 40 minute ride? That will be answered on 6/5/11. I hope to see you there!



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