For Instructors Spinning


Each weekend when I teach orientations, I stress that the
goal of the day is to leave with a better understanding of the Spinning program.
The workshop details safety, form, planning, and design formats. Like all
workshops, I stress that it is important to keep an open mind and leave with
some new information. When the participants return to their facilities, I
really hope that they’ll include some of the techniques and activities we
discussed during our nine hours together.

Sometimes (to my dismay), participants come with a belief
that they are already extremely accomplished as Spinning instructors. They feel
the movements they are currently demonstrating in their classes are not only a
part of the program, but also challenging, safe, and unique. When we address
contraindicated positions during the form section, I always seem to offend one
of these instructors. They see explanations about the absurdity of “isolations”
and sprinting with “light resistance” as direct attacks on their success and/or
popularity. They tell me their students “love” these movements and everyone
claims they “feel” them so much. I (once again) try to explain that I’m not
there to comment on their classes, I’m there to define, and help explain…..the
program. Some participants compose themselves and agree to listen for the
remainder of the day while others begin to separate themselves from the

If the ideas and techniques are new to them, it’s a good
thing. They should be happy that the whole day isn’t one big review. To those
who I will meet in the future…….Please come with an open mind and be determined
to leave with at least one new piece of information.




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