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Participation is Motivation

Motivation is a very subjective term. It is really difficult to identify one primary universal motivating element. I know many students would state that music, energy, class design, and lighting are a few of the factors that motivate them most and I would have to agree. The one motivating element I would add to that list is participation. Giving students occasional opportunities to become actively involved in the instruction of classes can be fun, energizing, and motivating.

Let’s Follow Her: This is an easy one that I know many of you already use. Take a simple movement and allow a student (that most everyone can see) to make a defined change or transition that others have to follow. For example, start with a Seated Flat and ask the student to lead everyone into a ten second Standing Flat. Encourage the lead student to be loud when she prompts the transition. It makes everyone more aware of what’s occurring. Another example, take the same Seated Flat and have the student tell everyone when she wants them to pick up the cadence.

One, Two, and Three: Start with one of the four basic climbing movements. Get students started on the movement with a few resistance additions. Instruct the class that they only have three more additions to the top. Assign random students the numbers one, two, and three. Encourage them to yell out when everyone will make these final changes beginning with student number one, then on to two, and finally three.

How Do We Finish This? Take any non-sprint movement and let a student decide how it should be completed over the last minute. Should we stand? Should add more resistance? Should we push the cadence? I sometimes use this one throughout the class at the end of each song/movement.




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