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Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward…

With a platform such as SPINNING®, we share our passion for health and fitness. As instructors, we have the fortunate opportunity to do more than that.  We all have the ability to not only take charge of our own lives, but also to simply help and guide those we teach to do
the same.  We have the opportunity to use the knowledge and resources we have acquired in our training and pass it on to others. The teachings from Master Instructors, the presenters at WSSC, ECA,
IDEA, CanFitPro, our college courses, our jobs, friends, family and perhaps even our children are valuable and should be shared.

About six years ago, I was given a book from a teammate.  He asked that I pass it along to someone else when I was through reading it. Honestly, it’s taken me this long to realize that I haven’t actually passed
this gift along. However, I have unknowingly passed along all the good advice within it that helped me to become happier, to acquire a fulfilling career, and
to enjoy every area of my life. The book is written by well known author and life coach, Anthony Robbins, and is “Notes from a Friend”.

The lessons you can learn in this book and can pass along to those you coach are as follows:

  • Learning
    how to turn around overwhelm

    • Finding
      persistence and a sense of flexibility

  • That
    there are no failures

    • We
      learn from our mistakes

  • To
    be a decision maker with confidence

    • It’s
      the decisions we make that determine our destiny

  • Build
    on your beliefs

    • A
      belief helps to control what you can see and feel

  • What
    you see is what you get

    • Focus
      on where it is you want to go

  • Questions
    are your answers

    • Ask
      questions that will give provide you with good answers

  • Welcome
    the great state of YOU!

  • Vocabulary
    of success

    • Choose
      empowering words vs disempowering words

  • Breaking
    through the metaphors of life

    • Short statements that sum up a big story…what’s your story?

  • Ready,
    Set, Goal! Setting goals to help build your future

  • Ten
    Day Mental Challenge Exercise

I feel that I am where I am supposed to be at this point in my life because of those who have shared their knowledge, experiences and gifts with me.

Who has helped you in your life, and who will you pay it forward to?

Resource:  Robbins, A. (2001). “Notes from a friend”. 
London: Simon & Schuster UK, Ltd.





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