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Peak Pilates at DCAC

I just got back from the DCAC fitness conference and I couldn’t have had a better time. The attendees’ enthusiasm was contagious and the Peak Pilates sessions were sold out.

Friday was a full day with 3 sessions to present. I started the conference with MVe More Than Core; a look at how to integrate fitness into Pilates Chair workouts while maintaining the integrity of the Pilates
principles and key concepts for movement. Not only is it a killer workout but by learning how to really access your powerhouse, movement of any kind can be forever changed. Next, I got to co-present Mat Circuit with the fabulous Peak Pilates trainer Connie Borho. There is no way to tell you how many people were packed into the room. This quickly paced prop driven workout show-cased 6 creative 10 minute sequences to include into your mat class. Connie and I had a blast teaching together and the attendees loved the concepts and creativity. I wrapped the day with Reformer Rhythms, one of my favorite topics. We explored the classical
rhythms and other ways to create rhythmic variations on the reformer.

Saturday began with Power Chair a chair workshop that looks at linking movements together to create longer sequences of movement on and off the chair. This session left everyone sweaty and full of new ideas. I kept
hearing what great ideas and tools people were learning. Connie and I taught another mat circuit to a packed room of more enthusiastic participants and then I closed the day with a brand new workshop – MVe Let’s Get Technical. This was the first time I presented this workshop and was so pleased with the turn out. We
discussed the concepts of progression and what makes a student advanced in addition to learning advanced chair exercises and how to spot them.

Sunday came to a close with a MDA team taught session with Connie and Nadine Stewart. The team taught sessions are such a fun way for us to come together and share ideas with the attendees. Not only do we have fun doing it but by using Bodyblades, and other spin fitness equipment like tubing and medicine balls we can merge creativity with challenge to form a fun and functional workout. My last session was Playful Pilates, a workshop on creating kids Pilates programs. What an inspiration to see so many instructors wanting
to learn how to get today’s youth active whether it’s their own children or classes of kids. It was such a high note to end the conference on and very fun to pretend to be children ‘playing’ Pilates, barking like seals as we clapped
and rolled.

 I was so pleased to see so many familiar faces from our Peak community and conferences past. Over
the weekend I had the pleasure of seeing so many of the same faces in the Peak
sessions. I look forward to seeing the same faces next year and meeting many
more new people at this wonderful event.




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