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Prepare yourself before classes

We all need a short reminder of how to prepare before training to get better results from it. First of all remember to smartly plan every week in terms of workouts, their types, intensity and purpose.

You train different when you are racing, you train different when you come back after injury or sickness. Remember to control your resting heart rate on regular basis, if you are having many workouts, make sure the resting heart rate is not higher than 10% from your average. Otherwise it can be a signal of overtraining. If it happens take it easy on a next class.Also remember to eat properly, you should have your last meal at least one hour before workout. Enough time of peaceful sleep is important to get a positive body-mind connection.

On the day of your training come earlier to the club , don't forget to take sports clothes, heart rate monitor and bottle of water with you. Enjoy your workout to the last minute!

In the evenings slow down, spend some time with good book and tea, let your body know that resting time is coming.





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