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Protect your voice. Use a microphone during class.

Today in almost every club in the world fitness facilities provide a set of microphone to use during your classes. Unfortunately there is many Spinning® instructors who don't use it at all. We must remember that in the studio bikes are loud. Add music you play. Very often it's impossible to hear your instructions! Client will not tell you it's too quiet. For 45 minutes they will struggle to guess what you are trying to say. Is that a goal of your class?

Also you should remember to protect your own voice. Don't scream, be gentle with your throat. Instead use your diaphragm to speak louder, clearer without overloading your vocal cords. The rule is simple: the more you work with your voice, you should take care of it even more.

In a professional training we provide, using a microphone is a must. If you don't feel comfortable with it, take this few steps to make it easier:


- find out what kind of music system there is a club

 - learn to work with your voice on different intonations

- make sure you always have a battery with you if club doesn't provide it

- ask a member of staff to introduce you to the sound equipment usage

- don't speak too fast

- go and see your colleagues how they use a microphone

- try not to speak with the words in music

- learn how to build emotions with your voice and breaks in a song

- remember : it's all about practice !




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