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Refined by Riding – the new TRIO™ and TRIO QR™ pedals!

We are very excited to bring a higher level of connectivity to the Spinning program with the introduction of the new Spinning TRIO™ and TRIO QR™ pedal system.  With the new pedals you will be able to connect to all of our Spinner bikes with SPD cleated shoes, Look Delta cleated shoes and standard workout shoes.  Our development team spent many hours designing multiple versions to get the contours and mechanical details refined to meet our exacting standards.  At Mad Dogg, we like to ride bikes.  So when we had an opportunity to make a new pedal, we looked at designs that would make it easier for our users to connect with the bike to make the riding experience even better.  We knew that this was going to be a commercial grade pedal which meant that it needed to be bullet proof in terms of mechanical operation and durability as well as being easy to use.  It also needed to be a universal product that could be mounted to not only all of our Spinning bikes, but all group cycling bikes on the market.


We started with using the most reliable and proven mechanisms possible for both the Look Delta compatible side as well as the SPD side and housed those mechanisms in an oversized aluminum pedal body for durability.  We then paired that body with our oversized axles and sealed bearings that have been proven in the field for the last 2 years on our commercial NXT pedals.  Our threadless Morse taper axle design is used for all of our commercial bikes as it is used widely in industrial machinery connections and has been highly successful in our existing Spinner® NXT pedals.  We used the same pedal “guts” for our threaded versions as well.  Once the mechanical details were settled, we then turned our focus on how our users actually connected to the bike.  In designing a platform for non-cycling shoes we wanted to provide a larger surface area for better comfort.  We rode multiple prototypes.  Some hand made in aluminum and some fabricated using selective laser sintering until we found what really worked well.  We even contoured the top with a very slight concave to help seat the shoe better.  You may even notice that there is an opening on the top where the strap is visible.  It is not just to have a hole there but it allows a user to “twist” the toe strap like a corkscrew to keep the buckle stable in one place on the strap (which makes it much easier to tighten).  An entirely new proprietary toe clip caps off the package and integrates seamlessly into the lines of the platform.  The platform will accept any standard toe clip, but our included one looks much cleaner and fits the widest variety of shoes.


We took the TRIO QR™ pedal to a higher level with the addition of a patented quick release lever that makes it incredibly easy to remove the shoe platform and toe clip with one hand.  Once you try it you will see how easily you can take the platform off of the pedal to reveal the Look Delta side.  There were a number of concepts on the table for the lever and we moved forward with the one that had some familiarity and also allowed for the user to see the tension adjustment.  We have shown it to a lot of people and we hear many comments about the lever reminding them of a ski binding (which is a good thing).  Color was important here as well and the red really made the place of interaction stand out. We made a special platform for the TrioQR that includes a molded-in anti-rotating feature that keeps the platform from rotating in the pedal for ultimate stability in non-cycling shoes.


Our new TRIO™ and TRIO QR™ pedals will make the Spinning riding experience even more universal.  I really hope you have the chance to try them soon and experience them for yourself. We sweated the details so that you can concentrate on (sweating on) your ride!



Here are some of the early versions of the pedals!

John Cook, Director of Industrial Design




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