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Refueling my mojo

I posted a rather benign statement on my FaceBook page today, and when I came back to it later, I really had to stop for a moment and consider what I posted along with someone's response to it.

But let me back up.  Until June, I was teaching a full load of Spinning® classes and cycling up a storm over here in Cambodia (where I happen to live right now via my husband's career) and it all came to a grinding halt when I left to return to the US and install my son into university.  I told the gym where I wokred that another instructor could and SHOULD fill the class and that I would come back and apply for work if they needed me.  It was a risk, but in all fairness to the participants, I had no fixed return date and in fact it took me three months to return.  Also in all fairness to the instructor, 3 months is a long time to grow into a time slot, so I wouldn't want to just up root her to stake my claim on a class she nurtured.

So, in the US, I found myself without a bike, unwilling to buy one and no where near a gym, unless I was willing to drive for about 45 minutes or more off the island where I was staying for much of the summer.  I had a choice:  I could just take the summer off and laze around, or I could concentrate on learning how to run.  I decided to run.

I got the Nike+ thing on my iPod and started charting my accomplishments, fueled by the excitement of reaching goals I didn't even believe I could set.  I still find a 10k challenging, but I can do it 3x/week now and I credit one thing in particular to this personal success...a decision.

You see, I decided to dedicate my summer of the very laborous effort of running to my clients because if I weren't able to conquer this huge hurdle in my life, I would never know how significant it is for some of my clients to even call me, let alone make it to the gym or Spinning® studio, or set goals and accomplish them.  It is easy to master things you feel confident with, but the real challenge is finding what terrifies or mystifies you and explore it to its fullest.

Well, back in Cambodia now, I've been asking the gym if I could teach a morning class - there are none scheduled in the whole of this capitol city - not one.  And they have put their foot down ...and all the evening classes were filled, until this week.

Yikes! am I really a Spinning® instructor with no classes?  How did this happen?  Finally a class came open and I take my first class in 4 months tonight - I couldn't be more excited to clip into the lead bike.  I know I won't have to tap too deep to draw on the many experiences of the summer of learning to run, with the mantra: "Discipline is deciding between what you want now and what you want most."

I know why people don't go to Spinning®. They'll cite things like scheduling, fear of the unknown, myths about over training the heart and growing massive thighs, the music, the teacher... but really in the end it is because the decision has not been made to do it and stick with it. When you schedule it in, it happens.

So, what did I post on FaceBook this morning?  "I know that I am running today because it is Tuesday and I scheduled it."  A tri coach I know responded with "That is EXACTLY how it should be."  And he is right.  

As I mentally prepare to return to the studio tonight I realize that I am not the same person I was 4 months ago.  I am a runner.  I'm not a great runner, but I am a runner because I decided to do it and I'm psyched to elicit that same sort of decided committment from the participants, and prospective participants because when all is said and done, I owe the refueling of my mojo to my clients and can't wait to reciprocate.




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