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Review, review, review!

Saturday morning I taught a class and had a FANTASTIC time. This wasn?t a Spinning class, but rather, my group ex class. What made it great was not only the energy in the room but also, that I was flanked by two other instructors and we were team teaching. The class is highly scripted and to be honest, 11am to teach a gym class is HARD for me on the weekend! I realized I needed more time to prep, to memorize, and to practice before going into it. I taught solo on Wednesday evening and didn?t flub?but Saturday, there were three or four areas where I flubbed and was off-beat, which I absolutely hate to be. Grrrrr. No matter that I had actually gotten to the gym to practice three of the tracks, but still had temporary brain freeze. I?m not well-versed enough in this class format that I can improvise quickly?on beat no less?so it was like I was just jumping around looking to my fellow instructors for guidance. What made me laugh was that my instinct was to look to the right, and she was like ?Don?t ask me!? as it was a release she hadn?t done. LOL. We chuckled?but thankfully, Colleen to my left knew what it was and called it out so we got right back on cue within a few seconds. Lesson learned: reviewing ALL of the tracks is necessary in order to have a seamless 60 minute class?that just means getting my butt out of bed earlier on those days when I?m teaching at 11am! -June



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