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Spring here in Northeast Ohio just hasn?t been all that favorable to outdoor riding. To further complicate the weather, add in family responsibilities and a full-time job and my time to train outdoors is very limited. What is the next best thing for me to do? I put my bike on the trainer or ride the Spinner® for my training. I have logged many miles (as meaningless as they are) on my trainer and at the club on the Spinner®. Those countless hours indoors gives me the time to truly focus on the task at hand rather than worrying about road conditions and traffic. I cannot say that riding indoors can ever be an exact substitute for outdoor riding, but it gives me the opportunity to train when the weather is uncooperative. The best thing is that I can get off my bike at any time and not worry about the ride home. When I ride on the road, I usually have a 10 mile ride to get to uninterrupted roads. That means that if I?m going to do any high intensity training, I better make sure I have enough in my tank to pedal back the last 10 miles. Riding indoors eliminates that aspect of becoming stranded. I can push myself indoors. Sometimes, I?ll drive my car to the location of uninterrupted roads and ride from there. But riding in the safety of my home or club does have its advantages at times. blog by Ralph Mlady for 5/15/2011



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