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You have time to train. If you think you don't have time to train, that may actually be a blessing in disguise. Why? You have to focus on cutting out the unnecessary junk and drill down on the structure of your training. I have been traveling the last 2 weeks and have had meetings and stuff non-stop. But, I still got my training in and I am worked - in a good way. I assume you got a life. Maybe kids. A job. A dog/pet. Bills to pay. House to attend vintages to pick out...NBA finals to watch, you get it. That doesn't mean you allow dust to settle on your rig. You still gotta train bro. Don't train, don't get fast. Don't train, get fat. C'mon now... Let me help you. A few sub 30-minute sessions that will make your legs, lungs and mind grow. Even if you do have time to train, do these, I bet you will see improvement. Descending Repeats: Go 4 minutes all out effort (flat road, same big gear), recover 2 minutes, go 3 minutes all out effort, recover 2 minutes rest, 2 minutes all out effort, 2 minutes rest, 1 minute all out effort. Go home. 10 x 400m Sprints: Rest 45-60 seconds between. If possible, a slight grade (1-2% will help make it more ugly). Go home. Hill Squashes: 3 x 3 min. hill repeats at 80-85% but working on maintaining consistent rpm. Rest 2 minutes between repeats. Go home. Thats's just three of about 30 good ones I use and coach riders on. They work. They make you work! More cyclists need more power and more speed, not more time to train. Go home now. Go train.



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