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Road to Worlds Most Famous Brevet Race Paris-Brest (1230km)-Part 2

Road to Worlds Most Famous Brevet Race Paris-Brest (1230km)-Part 2

Here we go again after the first part that you loved to see how things evolved in the year of qualification for France.
In this part we will see the pre-racing program, the qualifications and until the crucial last 600km race.

Let's start slowly to our year ..

2011 the year of the great objective and true test.
The preparation had started in early November 2010 for the qualifications ...

4 Qualification Races.200km, 300 km, 400 km and 600km.One every month.
The preparation went well winter passed and the first Race  was in January. One of the most classic 200km Race in Nemea.
Rainy as usual and with extra freeze. With heavy clothing and good psychology i was at the start and accompanied by cycling friends of brevet ready to start our fight for France.
What you're after is to catch the qualification times and pass as easy you can each race.
With my German friend Stephen this year we will go several kilometers because of peer strength of us. Besides my cycling best buddy Kostas Deligeorgis with whom I have spent unique moments but this year he will start more easy cause of his obligations.
Nemea ended with success not only due to the termination and performance. But easy and calm race is not in my dictionary. The microbe for competition hardly eliminated and then I will pay it dearly as you will see. But we all have our flaws.
Now let’s stay in point and let us come to the second 300km brevet of Eleusis-Astros - Eleusis. On that day skies had opened and we had steady good Shower of Rain water pouring on us all the way.
From start to finish Showers.. But nothing could stop us. The goal was clear as also the pure motives. The usual suspects me and Stephen were driving the race and hurry to get back because the cold and the rain became as time passed on really uncomfortable and discouraging. This race had a unique suspense and unique taste.
Spring came along and brought the 3rd Qualification. 400km brevet of Eleusis-Leonidion-Elefsina. Weather was better and no rain at all. This time anymore knowing what we will face more, we were well prepared and decided on weaker path and more relaxed pace.

But God did not want it. God wanted to monitor the two daredevils (Evangelos and Stephen) on the run and all the time testing their strength without exception in weather and distance without them there was not any suspense on the race.
So we started this time easy and more concentrated at that time the crazy duo, me and Stephen. Until the 20th kilometer where our friend Vangelis had flat tire and we stayed to help him.
The result was the next 180 kilometers chasing the first group.
Incredible though it was agony. We did not think how many kilometers we had but when we will catch the first group. Frankly unacceptable way to participate in brevet. Simple strategy full speed until you catch the leaders.xaxxaxa
so after 170 miles and halfway of the race we caught the first ones. Bad luck for them as it turned out. When we went to the Check of Leonidion we said that we will return all together with a normal and relax pace. I really don’t know who we were fooling. After 5 km that ascending started we were again me and Stephen. The classic crazy Duo. Shifting and speeding again finishing far from everyone. 

After this we had only one Obstacle for our way to France.

600km Qualification Race. And as you will see the most adventurous and torturous for me!
Never overestimate yourself and listen to your bodyJ.



 The Story Continues ...
MI Evangelos Kastamoulas
Codename:The MileEater





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