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Road to Worlds Most Famous Brevet Race Paris-Brest (1230km)-Part 6

And the time has come!

After 4 years preparation and sacrifices bloomed.

We are one week before preparing and packing our stuff for our crazy attempt.

Watching past videos of Paris - Brest and trying to figure the way that I will handle this unique ultra marathon race.

You don’t race every day 1257 km straight and without any assistance.

Some say that it’s insane; other dangerous for your life but for me is the ultimate challenge!

Fortunately for the same race qualified and one of my best friends from another part of Greece and we will be together!

The Greek team is assembled and starting to share stories and strategies.

Our Head Leader consults me to try with the first group and to have faith in me because I have great potentials.

My opinion is to share this unique experience with my best friend without caring so much for the result but for finishing as best as we could together!

Many people didn’t believe that I would risk a good time for being with my friend but I had taken my decisions.

Me and Kostas against everyone! Sharing a dream, sharing something that will unite us forever!

Most of us were traveling alone because we were from different places of Greece!

Meeting Point France 3 days before the Big Race!

Day after day cyclists from all over the worlds were joining!

You could see them along the city touring!

6000 participants from all over the world! An amazing number and one of the biggest in history of this race!

And we were there writing history, and trying something unachievable as we thought!

Now everything is possible and we will fight to death to prove that if you want something badly you can do it, if you believe in yourself!

The days were passing really fast and it was time to face our fears!

To prove that our sacrifices were not for nothing!

Start line...500 cyclists every 1 hour and me ,Kostas and 3 more brave Greeks were in the first 500 group or as they call it the Bullet group!!!!

The Story Continues ...
MI Evangelos Kastamoulas
Codename:The MileEater




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