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Rocked Out Workouts at ECA 2012!

The ECA 2012 Thrive Fitness Conference was rocken with positive energy coming out of the sessions.  I have to say, my Friday 5:30 Happy Hour “Booty Blast” class with the Resist-A-Ball had a contagious vibe that set the tone for the night!  I feel confident that they were happily sent home with creative ways to work their Booties and I know they had vivid thoughts of me when wondering why sitting was such a painful effort!


Saturday morning was kicked off with many different classes- one importantly was the “Hot Seat”, a PEAK Pilates MVe Chair class with sass!  I had the honor to co-present with Stacey Lei Kraus as she took the participants through a series of exercises in their “pure” pilates form, practiced the routine a few times through.   I then added a little sassy flair to the routine by a few head tosses, hip shakes, and a few sexy, but professionally fun moves that added spice to the exercises!  This session demonstrated a great way to take basic Pilates chair exercises and add a sexy sassy twist to the workout.  Participants left with smiles on their faces and the thoughts of how to creatively take Basic Pilates chair exercises to the Hot Seat!


Drop and Give Me Plenty wrapped up Saturday’s sessions by a team taught workout of 3 Power Teamed Instructors; Stacey Lei Kraus, Abbie, Apple, and yours truly, Me, Maria S. Scally!  The circuit class was divided into three groups that rotated between us three instructors at three stations consisting of the Body Blade, the Resist-A-Ball, and the MVe  Peak Pilates Chair.  The circuit lasted 15minutes at each station, just long enough to send participants away with a creative idea on how to incorporate different pieces of equipment that may be new or old to each user.  It is always great to try new equipment to add variety and exposure to new exercises and new equipment.  During the last 8minutes or so, the participants took the equipment and their bodies to the floor to burn out the last few drills!  This is what we meant by “Drop and Give me Plenty”!


The final session of the weekend was another power trio Team-Taught session called “Why didn’t I think of that?”  led by Abbie Apple, Connie Borho, and me, Maria S. Scally.  This team-taught session alternated us instructors with different equipment consisting of the Resist-A-Ball, The Body Blade, and different Pilates Props (small ball, ring) and each piece of equipment was utilized in 15-minute timed intervals.  This was such an amazing way to use different equipment for a short amount of time- just long enough to move on to the next piece.  The participants were able to learn about these new pieces of equipment such as the Body Blade or the Pilates ring and maybe created a thought in their mind…. “WOW, Why didn’t I think of that?!?”


The overall conference experience was amazing for me to see so much positive energy towards fitness and increasing their knowledge base!  It is always great to see familiar faces as well as meet new ones- we are all tied to fitness as a life-style… something that we give and share with others.  My goal is always to enhance ones experience and ones life- this is my experience from this years ECA Thrive Fitness Conference!


-Maria Sollon-Scally, MS, CSCS





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