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Safety first. Sorry if this is redundant--but we can't hear it enough!

Our group ex supervisor recently sent along an email to all of the Spinning instructors at our facility, reminding us of the importance of safety and being aware of contraindicated moves. I was so thankful that this had finally come as an announcement to all of us, and that she had included a pdf going over safety concerns for the Spinning classroom. I do my best to ensure safety in my classes. Because I blog for, I am often opening up my training manual to make sure what I?m talking about when it comes to form and such is correct. But, were I not to blog for this site, would I be just as cautious and aware? Here, when I blog, I recognize I?m merely sharing my opinion?but also, I know that many people might read what I write about, and thus I want to present an informed view, especially if it?s commenting on health and safety. Thus, I research and refer to sources that support my intuition. But, if I were not doing this, I might not be as cautious?admit it folks, it is EASY to get lazy. Far too easy. Thus, I was thankful that Katie sent along a reminder to all of us about safety and ensuring the well being of course clients. Having witnessed some unsafe moves in classes that I?ve taken, my tactic was to just avoid those classes. But, having been trained I know those moves are unsafe and thus I can keep MYSELF safe. The students in the class, though, who haven?t had the Spinning training don?t know what is contraindicated and thus, it is important for supervisors to check in with instructors? classes and be there to offer knowledge and support. -June



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