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See You Soon-Thanks

Hello everyone, this is my last post for a while. MDA asks us to write for the community section for a period of three months and my time is up……for now. Just a few ideas/thoughts before I go:

WSSC: I look forward to seeing everyone at the conference. I get in pretty late the night before it starts but that just means a little more coffee before we meet for Intensity Options. We’ll discuss the essential options for increasing exercise intensity while staying within the guidelines of the program. In many ways, it’s my anti-contraindications workshop. In other words, why review what you shouldn’t do when we can discuss what you can do.

Continuing Education: Two workshops that I first presented at WSSC are now available for onsite continuing education: The Five Step Sprint and Creative Climbing. I hope you have a chance to take one of them. Hopefully, in the near future MDA will add a continuing education opportunity for jumps (I know a presenter who has a great workshop called Let’s Jump).

Changes: Like many presenters, I’m happy we are updating the instructor manual. I had a chance to work on this project and I’m hopeful that most of my suggestions were accepted. I see the instructor manual as a how-to guide for the individual movements and specific skills. I’m not a fan of overly silly adjectives, just tell me the name of the movement, the primary skill, the purpose, and the guidelines for using it. A good, creative instructor can take it from there.

Me: I continue to work as an early childhood special education teacher. I’ve added credentials in both behavior and emotional disturbance. Preschool special education is really my focus in life. As I learn more about it, I become not only a better presenter, but an overall better person. I hope in some small way, that comes through if you take a workshop of mine.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support the Spinning program. I’m approaching twenty years now and I feel there are still so many thing to accomplish.




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