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Skills at WSSC

In less than one week, I?ll be leading a few workshops at WSSC. As I?m finalizing my presentations, I?m trying to identify the techniques/skills that I really want to work on with the participants. Here?s what I have so far: 1: Sprints: There are still a lot of thoughts /concerns about what sprints are and what they represent. My goal is to reinforce the resistance necessary to complete one properly. As I discuss resistance with the attendees, I?m sure the discussion will drift toward cadence building. I?m anticipating that there are still many instructors that confuse the two. 2: Jumps on a Hill: As I do weekly orientations, I get the idea that some instructors try to make jumps on hills too similar to jumps on flats. My goal at WSSC is to reinforce the idea of using progressive resistance when leading jumps on hills. Let Jumps on Flats be rhythmic and consistent while Jumps on Hills are challenging to the point of causing strong muscular intensity and (eventually), active recovery.



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