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Small Pieces of Cycling Wisdom - Part 2

Small Pieces of Cycling Wisdom - Part 2


After several years of involvement with cycling, I've learned many things firsthand. Others important, others not so much. Knowledge is not always valuable! Some of these tips, I would like to share them with you - read my favorites and keep what you love ...

31. An abrupt reduction of your body weight may be due to dehydration.

32. The same and a headache!

33. If you hit in the head, visit your doctor immediately-even if you were wearing a helmet!

34. When you can, pedal smooth and relaxed-your knees will thank you!

35. Do stretching before and after exercise, this will raise your performance up to 30%!

36. Brush your teeth after intense workouts or races.

37. The gears frequently used are those that wear out faster.

38. Do not hesitate to experiment-what suits one rider does not mean it suits the other.

39. Listen to your body if you do not feel well, rest.

40. Do not lock your posts, you have to learn to ride more smoothly.

41. Be sure to wash your clothes have Velcro apart from the rest.

42. Wash clothes with Windstopper material by hand with liquid detergent.

43. The worst braking technique is sudden brake and immobility. This will cause lose-directional and dig the ground.

44. Shoe cleats must be changed   after every winter.

45. Do the same for the cables for brakes and gears.

46. Keep your bike clean.

47. Much attention in the right application when you buy cycling shoes .

48. A windproof vest should not be missing from your cycling wardrobe.

49. If the pad of your short is leather, treat it with some special cream.

50. If one piece of carbon fiber SCRATCHES deep, replace it.

51. Do not put in isotonic to the backpack water case.

52. The bar ends (MTB) help a lot in climbing.

53. Most necks can be reversed to change the height of the handlebars.

54. Observe your body is the most valuable tool and the only one you get!

55. Set goals.

56. When you get a chance, take part in competitions-is big "school"!

57. Do not wear glasses with metal frames when riding.

58. Be polite and smile.

59. The good cycling clothes are an investment.

60. When driving on a public road, warn about changes in your path- pointing hands.

Yours truly,

 Evangelos Kastamoulas




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