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So what exercise do you get on vacation?

Summertime means vacation time. And this is when I see less traffic in the gym?which is great if you?re looking to take some of the popular classes are get ?dibs? on a treadmill?but it also makes me wonder how people are faring with their exercise routine while they?re taking vacations. If you?re having a vacation in say, Disneyworld, what are the odds you?re also going to have time to venture to the fitness center in your hotel? I mean, after all, with those lines at Disney, you need every spare minute you can get in the park, just to ensure you get on a ride or two before the day ends (ha ha!). When I vacation, I?ll do one of two things. And they are always at the extremes?I will go crazy exercising, having exercise vacations where activities/meeting up with friends are scheduled AROUND gym classes (I will join a local gym), or I will just declare it a recovery vacation and wind up doing nothing but lie around on the beach getting my UV rays well absorbed. There?s usually no middle ground because I decide on the vacation it?s going to be, and I commit to that extreme. But, then again, that?s my personality and the way I am. What about you, though? Do folks out here have active vacations or relaxing ones? Or is there some happy medium that you?ve discovered which you can share with those of us who lie only in the extremes? -June



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