For Instructors Spinning

Some just make it look easy?

Being a fitness instructor is no easy feat. You?d think that it doesn?t require much brain knowledge?after all, it?s not as if one needs a medical degree and years of schooling?but this is where the presumption is wrong. Being a fitness instructor isn?t easy. Not only are you responsible for the health and wellness of others, but you?ve also got to be a proactive element in the lives of others, encouraging them to stay with their fitness journey. It?s not as if you can get up there and teach and be done with it. Students come to respect you, listen to what you have to say, and all in all?admire you oftentimes. This type of pressure?and living up to such standards?is incredibly intense and there are all these components to teaching that lay people can?t possibly easily fathom. For instance?what I say when I?m up there. It?s not always spur of the moment. When I?m teaching, I?m worried about the sound of the music, the lighting, the safety of others, what moves come next?and on and on. Motivational cues aren?t born spontaneously 100% of the time; often they require that I think about what to say beforehand, and then make it appear spontaneous. We might say things too often (I?m a big fan of saying ?come on!? and really, it?s quite a boring, unmotivating phrase if you think about it), and we might not be creative enough?thus the importance of planning and scripting. Fellow instructors, I applaud you for all the hard work you do, and all the amazingness you have inspired along the way. You wouldn?t still be an instructor if you weren?t a great one (come on, the reality is that gyms won?t keep paying bad instructors, right?) and I only wish I had the chance to take one of your classes ! -June



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