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Yesterday we had a brief ceremony to officially open our preschool-only play area. Even though there are budget concerns, the district felt that the 3 to 5 year old children needed a safe place to access materials without having K-1 students near them. I know this new area will have an immensely positive impact on my student?s language and play skills as well as their gross and fine motor development. Having a specific area to work within will contribute to the overall strength of each child. In the early days of Spinning, facilities didn?t have separate rooms for the bikes. Some facilities placed them in group exercise rooms with the other equipment and brought them out for each class. Some gyms felt that the clients needed to see the program in order to get excited about it so they placed the bikes in a corner of the weight room floor. I visited one facility that tried to teach classes in the middle of the entrance area just past the front desk where people checked in. Now, many facilities have rooms that are specifically designed for Spinning classes. These designated rooms have greatly contributed to the growth of the program. The instructors can design class objectives that are fun and achievable while the participants focus on their form and intensity without distractions.



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