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SPEX a little report

Last week end was SPEX weekend. Such a wonderful event in the European Spinning® world!

It is always great to see so many instructors joining the Saturday Lectures and Workshops. And it is always a great pleasure and honour to be part of the team of lecturers. This year was the 11th edition and it felt really special again.

On a personal note I arrived at SPEX physically challenged as I caught a cough and blocked my back and neck pretty severely. It however gave the entire weekend another look than what I otherwise would have seen. I did not get on the bike much at all, except for sharing a wonderful opening hour on the Sunday marathon with my great colleagues Sarah Morelli and Rostislav Cada. Thank you Sarah for your
‘rhythm of life”…

To come back to the lectures, this year i presented two lectures especially written for these types of conventions. The first lecture was called: ‘Seated flat, boring or just brilliant’. It is such a rewarding lecture as participants usually find it a huge challenge to teach rides in which they only use the first technique of the Spinning® Program.

But then i always ask the participants: “Do we use this technique a lot whileriding outside? And where do we come from in the Spinning® Program? So do you think we should be able to ride a lot on the flats while being seated in our classes?

After 90 minutes most instructors seem to really want to give it all a try!

The Second session was called ‘The Art of goal setting’. A new lecture which was welcomed by about 35 instructors. A lot of people from outside of the Spinning® community wonder why our Sport and the Spinning® Program is such a powerful tool. This lecture is all about how you can use something as simple as the Spinner® bike and the Program to work towards just about any goal you might have , private, sports, business, …

After this session there was a dinner and drinks with so many passionate Spinning®  people. Great to exchange ideas and share about the day.

What a wonderful day.

As said the Sunday marathon
(6-hour-marathon) was only one hour for me, but it gave me time to watch my colleagues Hans Hobbel, Chantal Janssen, Pedro Martins, Gaby Hoogeveen and JoshTaylor take the 400+ participants through some amazing rides! Great to watch rides from the side-lines. Time to observe, appreciate, learn, and relax.

One final personal comment and thanks to
our national (Belgium and Luxembourg) presenter team. They were part of the
volunteer staff at the event… They were amazing working behind the scenes for
the entire weekend.

Well, that about sums up the weekend at
SPEX from my eyes… Just like WSSC i believe these types of conventions are
something anybody liking Spinning® should give a go… Great athmosphere, great
energy, meeting like-minded people!

Thanks to you all.




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