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Spinning Can Help You Train for Outdoor Riding

I really love my bike. That is the conclusion I came to during my latest venture to the National 24 Hour Challenge. Most people think I?m crazy for loving that ride, but there is something about throwing your leg over your bike and seeing how far you can ride in a 24 hour period. This year, people were definitely ready to call the psych ward to check if there was a padded room available for me. I had limited training outside on the road (like 3.5 hours) due to my recovery from knee surgery, uncooperative weather, work and family commitments. I?ve been told that all would have kept a sane person at home rather than punish themselves to the riding 24 hours. No not me?. I missed the event last year and there was no way I was going to miss it again this year. With the lack of training and continued recovery from my knee surgery, I knew that I would not do my personal best. But that didn?t stop me from going out and ?testing the waters? with my knee. What saved me this year was the amount of training I did on the Spinner



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