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Spinning® Events? I have a training in my club..

Im sitting at the Copenhagen airport and thinking about the marathon I have just participated in Germany. Each time I go for the Spinning® event I'm coming back refreshed and energized.

Actually after the first event of this type I have realized that kind of participation is essential both for enthusiasts and Spinning® instructors. For those who are not trainers, being a part of a marathon with various presenters is a lesson of many interesting classes. They can observe different styles and taste many unique rides.

Although Spinning® as a Program has it's rules it is not a monolith. I would say that each and every one of us has it's own Spinning® style ( starting from music, communication language up to emotions we want to transmit ). During and after event people are more motivated to every day training, they can also get the bigger picture of how Spinning® works. The unity that goes with Spinning® marathons shouldn't be underestimated. Riders meet new riders not only from the same country but often from a whole Europeor even world! Secondly, thinking about the instructors, I think that it is extremely important to experience many classes taught by other Spinning® professionals. Unfortunately not all of the instructors are having internal need of knowledge. Not all of the instructors go back to Spinning® manual as a reminder. In that case this participation that I'm writing about is better than nothing. As long as it is Spinning® event certified by MDA Inc. ( you will not see any push-ups etc.) they can learn from the best and get fresh rides and music ideas. After first Spinning® Instructor Training trainers forget the basics and start their own routines. If they don't experience new rides, routine may occur. So let's stop this process and sign up for the soonest event!


To sum up, reasons you should participate in Spinning® events:

- a big inspiration both for instructors and enthusiasts

- motivation for work and regular trainings

- great experience that you will remember

- meeting old and new friends that share the same passion

- new music ideas

- experiencing different Spinning® styles

- a place to share your own experience with others




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