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Spinning(R) and injuries

On February 4th 2013 I had an accident during downhill skiing. Everything was perfect, the wheather conditions, snow, that was my last ride. It was not supposed to happen. But it did. Don’t get me wrong, I am a sportswomen, sport fanatic and had many injuries in my life. But since that time I was absolutely sure that nothing can happened to me again as I’m being very cautious.

The crash was very painful, my family took me immediately to hospital. The diagnosis was bad. I have thorn ( third degree) the MCL ligaments in my left knee. That would not be as horrible as the fact that I don’t have a PCL ligaments in the same knee due to another accident years ago and the decision not to reconstruct those ligaments. At that time the plan was to back off from sport almost completely.

So here I was..working in the fitness industry, being an active road cycling competitor, active tennis player and skier with injury that could change everything. When I was younger and had to deal with injuries I was impatient, and always had a kind of breakdown.

This time was completely different. As I was being driven to the hospital I already accepted what has happened. My concentration was on the things I would possibly have to do – diagnosis, do what doctors tell you, rehabilitation and get well as soon as possible. My mind was working in a different way than ever before! So they have installed a special kind of medical equipment with rails on my knee. Seven weeks- NO MOVEMENT with Your knee, it has to be straight. No cycling, no skiing, no car driving! Nothing. So for that time I did exactly what they told me. Luckily I was able to teach off the bike and believe me, my students where happy I’m there teaching, they didn’t mind me not riding with them!  After seven weeks I was going to medical treatment and exercises to activate muscles and ligaments that were very stiff. Finally it all worked out!

Later this year I also had a few back problems, 2013 was not a good year for me if we speak about injuries. But You know what? I don’t really careJ

This particular year I have realized I am actually stronger than ever. My mind is strong as never before. Dealing with diversity and changing into opportunity, dealing with my weaknesses with pain with mountains I have to climb- all that comes from Spinning® ! Working with mind and body and strengthening both helped me to deal with injuries.

Changing your mindset is crucial, because mountains we have to climb are everywhere- on the training, in your private life, in your work. But the attitude and right focus makes the difference. It has happened to me J





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