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We?ve finally done it! Starting this week, we have posted our Spinning® Weekly Class Schedule. First we had a meeting of all Instructors and discussed our plans. We reviewed the Energy Zones and the importance of deliberately training within those Zones and just as deliberately scheduling our classes to include a viable training program for our participants. ALL Instructors were on board - with enthusiasm. And, they?re not the only ones. Though I?m sure we?ll get some skeptics and probably complainers, many of the participants who heard our announcements giving them a heads-up for the changes to come in January ? well, many of these good folks expressed support and even excitement over the prospect. No more random classes. Now, because the schedule is posted on the studio door, everyone entering knows what the training du jour will be. In fact, anyone who sticks a copy of the schedule in his or her date book will know what will be on the schedule for each and every class. Why should there be any hesitation? As Instructors, we know that there are those members who make every class into a ?sufferfest.? There are those whose cadence is too fast or whose resistance is too high and are just not hearing us as we suggest otherwise. There are those who will simply not show up for a Recovery Energy Zone ride and those who will push the limits of the Endurance Energy Zone training sessions. Yet, we have an obligation to put it out there ? to lead by example and by programming. As always, the answers to questions may be found in our Instructor?s Manual. Go to page 3.21 and take a good look at the Spinning® Weekly Class Schedule posted there. There are plenty of suggestions as to the best way to devise this plan and then make it work each month including a once a month Race Day class. At our facility we decided that we should, rather MUST, put our money where our mouth is, so to speak. We?re doing it. How about you? Does your Spinning® studio follow a balanced training plan? Do your Instructors work together to make it happen? Are your members pleased with the results? Love to hear from you. Happy January! Blog posted by Linda Freeman for 1-4-2011



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