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SPINPower™ Lands in Time Square ECA-NY - Leaves a benchMark!

Being a gal from Wisconsin, going to New York City is a big change from my mid-west city lifestyle. The cab ride from the airport is a trip in itself, unlike any cab experience I’d get back home. It’s normal for small-city folk to have feelings of fear, anticipation and anxiety when going to the big city, as it is a big change. I am motivated by change; change is my thrill seeking opportunity to venture outside of the box and experience the unknown. With that experience I learn, I grow, I progress, and I find a beginning. Its cliché, but the only constant in life is change. When you accept change, you grow and you see a world you never knew.


Ironically, I traveled to NYC to present a program that is all about change, attending ECA-NY to launch the SPINPower™ program I created for the Spinning® program. Power-based training is about measuring the honest effort of the rider; about knowing the change the rider needs to make to achieve the change in weight loss or fitness they are seeking. It’s inevitable that you can change what you can measure. But to progress, to change, it takes work and accountability. It has to challenge you, in order to change you. Thus, change is often met with fear and insecurity. I once read “Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” So I travel to ECY-NY to put change in their faces and motivate them to accept this knowledge as an opportunity, not an obstacle, to learn, grow, progress and see a world they never knew. To be perfectly clear, Spinning® is NOT changing. SPINPower is changing YOU! The IONs ability to measure the rider’s true intensity and energy expenditure is the change. Validating the work it takes to achieve results will change YOU!


SPINPower™ made it’s official debut in a conference globally, so all who attended ECA-NY were among the first Spinning® instructors in the world to experience the unwrapping at a conference of the highest quality power-based indoor cycling education and application, on the planet earth! With innovative strain-gauge power meter technology, the Spinner® Blade ION took its mark at ECA-NY, to measure the actual work intensity of the SPINPower participants, immediately displaying current RPM, watts, energy expenditure, and heart rate with every pedal stroke. No guessing, no time delay, no wonder the sessions were sold out and the stand-by lines long.


The Friday 7am session was the first peak at SPINPower™, opening with SPEED WORK. Instructors woke up to my brief presentation on how a flywheel works. They learned that it stores rotational energy, which means it can provide continuous energy when the energy source is discontinued. Meaning, the flywheel can carry the pedal stroke forward with limited work from the rider. But in that case, the wheel gets credit for the energy expenditure, not the rider. Since the power-meter measures the work of the rider, if power is increasing while cadence building, the rider is doing the work and burning the calories to do so. But, if power remains low and RPM rising, the wheel is doing the work and the rider is burning few calories. Lesson learned…Spinning® doesn’t make you fat! NOT doing the work and letting the flywheel do the work for you, keeps you fat!  During the ride, instructors experienced cadence building drills, supported with resistance, to validate the work it takes to achieve fitness results. Whoot, Whoot! SPINPower makes you fit when you use resistance with cadence building during all of your fun, flat road movements!  What a GREAT wake up to the start of ECA-NY!


The next two sessions I had a special guest co-presenter, Josh Taylor! The sessions sold out and stand-by line growing by the second to get another ride with Mr. JT in the house! There was so much energy just to get in the room. During STRENGTH, FORCE and RESISTANCE, I taught instructors how to use power (watts) to validate they are adding resistance to force the 60-80 RPM range, to ensure a strength training adaptation. I demonstrated through graphs that they WILL gain muscular and cardio-respiratory strength during their seated and standing climbs, IF they add challenging resistance and apply force to overcome the demanding load.  To get the point across, they needed application on the bike. Josh coached the rider’s up seated and standing climbs repeatedly, putting the accountability on the rider to add resistance that forces the RPM. As he towed them up the mountains, his music and language inspired them to turn over one forceful pedal stroke after another, overcoming physical and mental obstacles. As riders took those final strokes over the top of their mountain, their cheers were heard throughout ECA! Riders faced the feeling of changing resistance and were empowered by their ability to overcome the forces resisting their pedal stroke!


During ENDURANCE a/k/a SUSTAINABLE POWER, riders learned the real meaning of a time continuum. My message to them, “Endurance is all about sustaining, and for the first time you will be able to sustain a measured work load, thanks to the IONs technology. If you think endurance rides are easy, you haven’t been sustaining work . . . you’ve been sustaining ease. Endurance is intense on a cellular level,  so get it out of your head that endurance is “easy”.  As Josh led them through an honest measured endurance ride, they came up with new words to describe endurance, and easy was not one of them. Josh’s ride sounds simple as they hear the plan during warm up . . . 3 efforts, sustaining the same power output during each. Set one is 10:00; set two is 10:15; set three is 10:30. No problem if you're sustaining ease. But the reality to sustaining work became evident half-way into the first effort. Rider’s battled to manage the duration. As they headed into the second effort, which is only fifteen seconds longer than the first, Josh was no longer their friend; he was their coach. They needed motivation, mental strength, and a “can do” attitude in their corner to survive a true endurance ride. Josh spoke of his experience as a professional cyclist and shared the tools his coach used on him, to get him through the challenge of sustaining work. In the end, the talk at ECA was “endurance is intense and empowering”! Gotta love power-meter technology!


During BURNING MATCHES I taught riders that their body has a fixed amount of energy stores that it can provide, like a "matchbox" full of matches. If they put out a hard effort, they burn a match and when they do really hard efforts, they burn 2 or 3 matches. The point is, when you burn all of your matches, you’re done and you need to refill the matchbox before you can burn more matches. So, pace your efforts from the start to the end of the ride and save one match for the final effort. Riders then mounted their IONs, with the visualization of having 20 matches to burn. After a warm up, the profile was simply 10 x 1min efforts with 1min easy riding in between. Their goal was to burn all 20 matches, being sure to save for a final extreme effort during the final 15seconds of the last effort. They were chasing watts and efforts with limited recovery, burning matches and lots of calories right to the end. Whew! That was a hoot and no smoke alarms went off! Bonus.


During the session DROP THE WEIGHT, NOT THE POWER, I taught instructors about the kilojoule and how the ION measures and displays the kilojoule as an accurate measurement of energy expenditure, instead of an estimated formula. As riders generate more power, they also expend more energy, measured and displayed as kilojoules. While many rides focus on training zones and watts, this ride was all about chasing kilojoules. For every kilojoule recorded, the rider is exchanging a food calorie to get the work done. One kJ measured equals one kcal burned. They were chasing kJs, chasing fitness, chasing results, chasing change.


Sunday was the first launch of SPINPower™ Instructor Training at a conference, and ECA-NY as well. Twenty-five participants were eager to become a part of this GLOBAL historic event and proudly earned their Certificate of Completion. A few of the participants had attended the previous two days of sessions as well, and were eager to learn more of the SPINPower™ program.  While it is often said that knowledge is power, these students learned that knowledge is power when put into action! They spent time absorbing information and then applying power to the Spinning® movements and techniques! They walked out of SPINPower™ Instructor Training with validation to resistance loading and cadence building on the flats and hills, while seated, standing or transitioning between both. They learned how to perform a Personal Spinning® Threshold (PST) test and create SPINPower profiles using SPINPower™ training zones. They walked out the door realizing that SPINPower™ does not change Spinning®. SPINPower™ is based on the roots of Spinning®, plus the innovation of the IONs strain-gauge technology. SPINPower changes YOU!


So whether you’re the mid-west, small city gal entering the big NYC, or the big-city resident entering the SPINPower™ program, “life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change” (author unknown).

Here’s some comments I received from the show…..

 “SPINPower™ is such an amazing program.  You know when something just feels right and you know then and there that is what you want to do.  I had some things happen to me that brought me to Spinning.  This weekend really opened up a new love for me and made an existing one grow.   I felt like I was really able to understand SPINPower™ and really connect with it.”   Jeanne


 “In addition to the education you provided, I’m pleased to be able to bring home with me added inspiration provided by the drive, motivation and enthusiasm you demonstrated in working with us that day.  I’m currently preparing a brief written report on SPINPower, the training I received and the value that I believe it offers to participants in the Spinning® community for presentation to the Group Exercise Director at the club at which I currently work.” Don


“ As a recreational cyclist, I never had the need to train with power and the concept is new to me.  I now feel that I have a better foundation and deeper understanding of why training with power is so valuable.  It validates everything we have been teaching in the Spinning® program. The most awesome component to Spinpower™ is that this program is for anyone and everyone.  Whether someone is a newbie, recreational cyclist or an elite athlete, they can train side by side and as Angie says, “Burn the butter!”  Fitness gains will be realized and personal goals achieved.  Individuals now have a marker to see how well their training progresses over time. Training now has a meaning. Gotta love it!!! “    Maryjo

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