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Hi everyone, I've been receiving a lot of e-mail requests for my One Long Split workshop at WSSC. I really appreciate all of the interest and positive comments about the event. I look forward to WSSC 2012. Here are some definitions that I came up with for the workshop. They are not all stated in the manual so I guess you can call them my "working" definitions. Split Symbol: Two or more symbols taught in a repetitive manner with time prompts and specific skill sets through completion. Simple Splits: Two symbols taught in a repetitive manner until the end of the song. Traditionally, simple splits are taught prior to more complex and longer split symbols. Long Splits: More than two symbols taught in a repetitive manner for a period of time that may extend beyond one song. Long splits must include repetitions of skill sets and may include time variances as the learning curve becomes smaller. Complex Splits: A long split with one or more Phase 2 techniques including: Running with Resistance, Jumps on a Hill, Sprints on a Hill, cadence building, and/or the Counting Technique. Activity ideas: 10 to the Top: ten changes of resistance during a long or complex split. Running the Stairs: Seated Climb, Running with Resistance, Standing Climb, Running with Resistance?etc. After completing a few stairs, begin adding cadence building. 45/15: Jumps on a Hill with :45 of Seated Climbing followed by :15 of Standing Climbing. Several sets are completed with progressive resistance before another split is selected.



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