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St Paddy's Day Hangover

After almost two weeks of taking Irish, Celtic, and Gaelic music themed Spinning classes I officially proclaim that St Patrick's Day has worn me out. I took some great classes with fun profiles, but one of the challenges with themed classes is that for certain holidays a lot of instructors end up playing the same music so overkill can definitely result. By my Friday morning class, if I heard the Riverdance theme one more time I was going to highstep it right off the bike and out of the room. I always encourage instructors to take a more creative approach to themes. You can rest assured that in any given halloween Spinning class around the world, Monster Mash is being played thousands of times. I like the idea of embracing themes with a more unique twist, or using more obscure themes. I had the good fortune to take a class in Februrary where the instructor did a Black History Month themed class. It was particularly interesting to me because the instructor happened to be caucasian and in this particular class I was the only person with brown skin. This was my first time in this instructor's class so I doubt she pulled out her black history theme when I walked in the room. She played some Motown and also had tributes to other great African American artists and citizens. I especially appreciated it because while most of us don't think twice about having a St Patrick's Day ride whether we're Irish or not, we wouldn't necessarily think about using themes centered around other nationalities unless they are represented in our population of students. April happens to be National Stress Awareness month. I think it would be excellent to incorporate that theme into Spinning classes this month by focusing on the Recovery and Endurance Energy Zones. You can give your students an individual or group challenge to reduce/address one stressful component of their lives. and though out your classes this month help them build better awareness of how what they accomplish in their Spinning class translates into day to day life and enhances overall wellness.



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