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Staving off the compulsion?

If you read my blogs regularly, you?ll know that on occasion I will share with you my struggles with food, and body image. In a way, it?s cathartic to write about it to an ?anonymous? audience (though I?ve definitely connected with a few of you on a more personal level?hurrah for the internet!) but also, I am hoping that in sharing there will be a solidarity amongst those with similar struggles, and the realization that one is not ?alone?. I have come to realize that day times are easy?I have a very structured routine, and I go about it easily and with lots of good control. At night, though, when I?m at home and left to my own devices (I live alone), that?s when the real struggle begins. Yes, I know that to prevent crazy binge eating, or even obsessions about food, one should eliminate food from their home. But, it?s not like I am going to keep NO food in my house. But even then, it?s a struggle at night to fight whatever urges might exist to not just go and binge on even the ?healthy? foods sitting around. It?s not easy. There?s this obsessional component to it (that thinking about the food in the house) followed by a need to act upon the obsession and eat (there?s that pesky compulsion). Yes, it?s easy for anyone to say ?just don?t eat then!? but if you?re someone who struggles in their relationship with food, you will know it?s not an easy cycle to break, and it?s not so easily handled by oneself, and alone at night. For those of you who have been successful in doing so, perhaps you might share with the rest of us some tips that help you stave off the compulsions? ?June



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