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Stomping Bugs

Stomping bugs!!! That?s what I call the pedal stroke for one of my students. I?ve been trying to work with him for months and he still stomps bugs. I have given him individual help, talked till I?m blue in the face about using more than the downward portion of the pedal stroke, but it just doesn?t get through to my bug stomper. So I talked to his wife and found out something about him. He loves to research things. So tonight after class I went up to Bugs and talked to him one-on-one. I found out I?m not the only instructor working on his pedal stroke. As our conversation continued, I found he does a ride from Cleveland to Cincinnati each year. I then told him that he could really benefit by improving his pedal stroke. Tonight?s conversation was about working on the whole pedal stroke. He has improved, but he has a long way to go. We talked about pushing the foot over the top of the pedal stroke and scraping back on the backstroke. I told him that during one of the hills, he should try to not push down at all and use the other quadrants of the pedal stroke. We will see how that works next week. I?m hoping he improves. Whenever you get a rider like Bugs, you need to spend some time coaching them one-on-one. You may become frustrated at times, but if the student knows you?re trying to help him, they will respond positively. I told Bugs that if he gets his pedal stroke down, he will be able to ride faster and farther each day on his annual trip. We?re taking baby steps now, but soon we?ll be flying down the road. blog by Ralph Mlady for 3/9/2011



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