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Stress relief can be found in many various ways thru exercise... don't just assume it's gotta be yoga!

This week at the University where I work, the students have been programming for ?Mental Wellness Week?. There?s a myriad of programming that they have scheduled, including things such as stress management workshops, time management workshops, and stigma surrounding seeking out mental health care. I was excited to see this week come to fruition given my own background as a psychologist, but initially, the students? only inclusion of an exercise workshop was one teaching yoga. Now, I get that yoga is a calming workout and often perceived as a stress relief?but for some of us, stress relief involves more aggression and more hyperactivity, if you will. So, I reached out to the students and offered to teach one of my group fitness classes that incorporates shadow boxing with MMA inspired moves. For me and others, this is the most ideal type of stress relief as there are just days you need to punch and kick to relieve the annoyances of the day. I wanted the students to recognize how exercise can be used as stress relief, but also that it?s not just one type of exercise that can offer such benefits?you just have to find that works best for you. That being said, it?s game on this Friday! I?ll report back in next week to let y?all know how it went J -June



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