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Taking Chances With Music

With the prevalence of online music sites and one-touch digital downloads, having a variety of music for your Spinning® class is more attainable than ever. It is easy to get stuck in a rut using the same songs from your iPod repeatedly or picking the latest Top 10 hit from the radio when you’re in a hurry. While the members might not really notice the repeat, you may feel yourself feeling unmotivated when the song begins.


While music should not drive the class, it definitely will set the tone if paired correctly with the movement on the bike.  Have you ever taken a class where the profile was spot-on but the energy sagged because the music didn’t fit? Take note of the music choices in each Spinning® class you attend as a member and notice how it makes you feel.  Are the songs all Top 40? Was there a variety? A good rule of thumb is to incorporate at least three genres of music into each of your profiles. Choose music that moves you! If you are moved, then you will be better equipped to motivate your members, connecting their mind to their workout songs. Listed below are some resources for finding new music.


Sites like iTunes are the classic go-to for music downloads, but add up fast. Don’t forget to look for hidden gems in the 99-cent tracks. Spotify has exploded onto the scene and is popular with many instructors. Simply register for the free version or pay a monthly fee for uninterrupted service. You can also explore soundcloud to follow other users who post their playlists, which are free to download! Search networking sites like Facebook for Groups whose mission is to share music. One great resource is “Team Spinning”. Ask to be added to this closed group and you’ll soon have songs from all over the world at your fingertips! Songs can also be downloaded free of charge from YouTube, or find YouTube channels that post new music periodically such as “Armada Music”. Finally, if you want your playlists prepackaged, download mixes from websites such as These sites tend to stick to recognizable, radio-friendly tunes. Of course, is a go-to site for weekly playlist postings. The options are endless and your members will thank you for the variety.


These are just a few of the resources available! Take time to search out the Internet and you may just discover something perfect for your next class. Or, check out for the Music, Movement and Motivation workshop to earn CEC’s while you get new music ideas for your library.





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