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TdF planning starts now

Less than a month to go. Are you going to see your numbers increase in summer or drop? The Tour de France is the perfect reason to spike up your numbers and keep people stoked on SPINNING this summer. The race starts in early July. You need to start your promo to fire everyone up. Start it next week. Most facilities that run a successful TdF campaign always see an increase in not just new people coming into the program but also a renewed sense of energy in the current program. It's easy. You don't have to go nuts to have a cool campaign. A few paths to go down are done-deals if you plan and organize. We have run a similar program with some tweaks for the last 10 years and now everyone looks forward to it. The campaign. Visual is first. Make the room look different. Yellow jerseys, photo's, stage profiles, video, flags, maps and we even have coffee after weekend classes. The program: Award points for every class they attend during the TdF. Whoever collects the most points gets prizes (we go top 10 and announce them in classes). There can be bonus points by doing a 60-75 min. ride on announced days. We list everyone who attends in the room and they put up a gold star under each "stage" they complete. There are also giveaways and fun stuff handed out every class (it pays to be a sponsored cyclist :) ). The Instructors - they can teach the stage that is happening that day in the real TdF. It also gives the SPINNING riders a chance to learn about cycling, racing and different terrain technqiues. You can even have instructors lead teams (depends on how many staff you have). If you manage the program, make sure you do something nice for the instructor staff too (we may give them a gift certificate or a pair of socks for helping out). Just a thank you for playing along. Market it! Tell everyone in the program or your gym about it. Schedule 2 Intro To Spinning classes. This is an opporutunity to enhance the value of your program. Whiteboard it out and if you plan ahead, it will be more effective. Put some early promo up and start the buzz...then serve champagne on the last day and finish the buzz!



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