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Testing Power

Power. That elusive target. We chase it. We train for it. Heck, we even eat to make it better. Get power up, get performance up. Its not complicated. I'll tell you what is complicating it - you are! Why are cyclists complicating increases in power? They put it as an equal priority to other ingredients of training success like strength, endurance, technique and other related items you work on. Tell you what. Just focus on generating more power and most of the other things will happen! If not, you can always refine. See, here's the deal. More power will mean you will pedal faster for a longer period of time. "Linear" progression training (too much tempo, too much base building, not enough intensity) will delay chances to be a beast on the bike. Power training means being more dedicated to structuring your training. Mindless riding for 2-3 hours without anaerobic efforts is junk. Sure, you need some aerobic base but as you get more fit, you need less. You can keep what you have gained aerobically by going anaerobic too! And time is on your side. Focusing on power may take less time. It might hurt a bit more, but if you really want to be able to handle high-end sustainable efforts (like in a race), then the more watts you put out, the better. Once you are in that pain cave zone (racing or doing tabata or going for successive all-out efforts), the heart rate monitor means nothing. What means something is how you are applying force to the pedals to generate more speed/torque. Hills. Intervals. Tabata. These are secret weapons to making power a focal point of your training. Simplify. Power to the people!



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