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"The Biggest Loser" Question from SPINNING members:

Hey Gang.... Here is a general question I've been getting from many of you guys. I'll try to answer in generalities, rather than to tackle all of your individual problems that you've mentioned in your emails and questions. The Biggest Loser ranch has several professionals monitoring you on the Ranch, correct? How would you encourage someone who is a "normal Joe" to get fit Biggest Loser style with little to no help? I simply would not recommend that anybody do something as important as attempting to get healthy with ?little or no help?. The secret to getting healthy is asking for help. There are professionals whose job it is JUST to help us get healthy, including trainers, Registered Dietitians, Doctors, Psychologists, and the like. All we need to do is ask for their help, in the same exact way that we?d ask for help for our children, of a teacher or a tutor. If we do not have success on our own, a tutor is the best alternative. The trainers and other professionals on "The Biggest Loser" just acted as our teachers and our tutors, who gave us the education that we lacked. There is no reason that a ?normal Joe? couldn?t consult with the same professionals that we had access to on the show. Period. The programs and education presented by our friends at SPINNING, especially during the WSSC is priceless, but only if you use it, and share it with others that need it. Remember, don't tell an obese person that they shouldn't go up to the buffet for the third time if you care about them. Suggest that they speak to a doctor, a personal trainer, and a psychologist. And don't forget to remind them that you care about them, and want them to stay around a lot longer. They know that they need help. They have to buy their clothes, and look into the mirror when they get dressed, just like you. They don't need YOU to remind them of anything, other than that you CARE about them. OK gang? And remember "No More Excuses"! Jim See you all in a few weeks



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