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The Know-it-All Student

I have one. I?m sure you have one too. It is the know-it-all student that knows enough to be dangerous. They know enough to be dangerous. Their knowledge is obtained from, books, magazine articles about fitness and of course the always correct (sarcasm here) internet. They will question your ability as an instructor and challenge your training techniques. They keep you guessing about your own ability despite your impressive credentials. They can be a problem if they challenge your training techinques during your classes. The challenge you face is the ability to use their personality to your advantage. Listen to their research and compliment them on their initiative to learn on their own. Since they like to do the research, consider including them in your decisions. You could say something like, ?With your ability to research and my credentials, we can design an effective training program together.? Use their enthusiasm to your advantage. Remember, whatever you decide to do with the know-it-all student, you must still show them respect. The important thing is to get them one-on-one and not let them have full control of your classes or training program. Including them in the design validates their ability to do research and may keep them happier in your classes. Ultimately, you are the professional getting paid to train your students. Keep the interaction positive and you'll find out that you have eliminated a problem student. blog by Ralph Mlady for 01/08/2011



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