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The Please Stop List

The funny thing about this post is that I?m most likely writing to people who do not follow (and participate in) this part of the site. That?s OK; maybe I?m discussing some things you find frustrating also. If I am, let me know. This is a list of classroom activities I?d like to place under the heading of Please Stop. 1: Please stop encouraging students to perform Standing Flats with only their fingertips on the handlebars. It doesn?t demonstrate proper balance; it?s potentially dangerous and inaccurate as an assessment. 2: Please stop equating overly high cadence and low resistance with Sprints on a Flat. Sprints are always performed with strong resistance loads for periods of time less than thirty seconds. 3: Please stop instructing students to set their handlebars lower in the belief that it will help strengthen their core. It contributes to poor form and overly stresses the muscles of the lower back. 4: Please stop demonstrating and coaching isolations during Standing Flats. They have no purpose and are much more likely to contribute to both knee and lower back stress than to any meaningful muscular intensity gains.



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