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The Sampler (and 7 minutes of least favorite)

It's a well known fact - people pretty much do what they like and they seem to like what they can do well. It's pretty much why swimmers are swimmers, academics are academic, pilots are pilots....People generally tend to stick with what they're good at and get better at it over time. But when it is a skill within a skill, there is great reason to train what you're not so good at. If you look at the various styles of riding with in Spinning® you'll notice that you gravitate toward some and avoid others. Me? I got mountain climbing thighs that love high gear - but find it hard (both in the studio and on the road) to keep those higher cadences - just feels awkward to me, no matter how I tweak that gear. So that is something I try to focus on - something I'm not so great at. Another thing? I just don't like "running" on the bike. I find it hard - happy to "jump" til the cows come home, but don't make me run... Well, heading off to teach my Wednesday night class right now and having tested this on my Tuesday night class (totally different clients) I perfected my playlist so that I will offer up some focus on several skills (running, jumping, hill climbing interval pushes and endurance styles) and reserve the very last 7 minutes for people to focus on exactly what they dislike most. Don't worry, I won't require 7 minutes of jumping, but I will give an uncoached 7 minutes where they are to incorporate this skill as much as possible - the skill of their choice that they like least. just going to give it a shot tonight - wondering if you have ever done anything like this and if you have any insight to share??? Thanks! cori



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