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The worst time of the year!

In the world of living expat, June pretty much sucks. Many many families are tied into the school year, whether they are parents or teachers and when May rolls around, the garage sales start and by June, we're all saying good bye. It's not my year....I have another year, but this year it feels a good 60% of my community (and clients!) is evaporating. Facebook softens the blow a little, but emotionally, we're stepping through a new door, with an influx of lots of new people headed our way. Professionally? Well, I have just cut my schedule in half. I am so glad I don't rely on my income for my family! And I'll spend the summer figuring out the best way to reach out to the community - a first since I have never advertised with competition before. (A new fancy gym in town....) One thing I know, though is that while I appreciate all the kind words about my classes that I'm receiving right now, the best reward, I'll never see. You see, I am launching at least 20 new people out of Cambodia Spinning® across the world to their new posts and I hold my head high knowing that they'll slide in under your watchful eye with a solidly grounded experience in Spinning®. Should you receive one of my clients, you will not have much correction to do. . . and I'm really proud of that. It is worth keeping in mind that when you are "doing your own thing..." up there with the mic, the experience is being received by someone who will eventually move on. If they find themselves in with a teacher more aligned to Spinning® unmanipulated, it could very well get back to you. How do you measure up. If you were suddenly audited...say some MI came in to your class...would you just go on with confidence, knowing that you're on the right track? Well, if you really thing about it, you are auditioning every time you teach. People talk , people move on....and with a branded program, you're expected to have a standard knowledge of the program. It homogenizes - even if you keep your individual spirit stamped on your particular classes. yah...I've just released two dozen clients off into the world and they may be headed your way. Be kind to them....but keep your expectations high. They're up to the task!



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