For Instructors Spinning

Things I Am Told Each Week

These are things I learn (and re-learn) from new
instructors each and every weekend:

Spinning is addictive and has changed their lives for the better

Very few of them feel they have gone through an appropriate
bike set-up

Most of them are told the forward-flexed “road” position is
good for their “core”

They want to teach because an instructor or a facility sees
the energy they have

They firmly believe that music will “make or break” their

Very few participants wear heart rate monitors

Most are taught that balance is best demonstrated by placing “light”
fingertips on the handlebars

They have only performed jumps with prompts like “2 count, 4
count, and 8 count”

All of them believe sprints are performed with little
resistance and maximum cadences

Almost all of them would say endurance training is “boring”
to the participants

Most of them can’t believe that we talked about the Spinning
program for 9 hours





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