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Time and Music

When I work with new instructors each weekend, I try to discuss how the concept of time is so incredibly different when you teach the class as opposed to taking it. I always recommend that new instructors use a general approach to time management instead of an intricate one. Let me use a typical discussion of music to make my point. Many new instructors state that they want to use changes in music to cue transitions in either cadence or resistance. There is nothing wrong with that concept but it does require a hyper-sensitivity to a song while being able to coach, motivate, and guide class performance. In other words, you have to have the skill of visual assessment while you simultaneously monitor the various changes within a song. These are not impossible tasks, but I think they are overwhelming ones to a new instructor. I?ve stated it before on previous posts; I?m not a fan of doing this. I always see it as an over emphasis on music. When that happens, skill, safety, and efficiency always seem to become areas of diminished focus.



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